NPBA Human Library Event Wrap Up

On Wednesday 13 April the NPBA held its Human Library Series Event - Social Media For Business. Here's the wrap up

The NPBA Human Library Series of events have been designed to connect people with people.  Access to online information is at a global peak and is becoming more accessible as the seconds tick by.  It is more common these days for someone to Google what they don’t know as opposed to meet with someone.

Online searching will never replace face to face engagement as the value of in-person communication is immeasurable.  The ability to dynamically manipulate a conversation is imperative to ensure an outcome that achieves what both individuals are seeking.

Our Human Library series achieves this by asking some of our local ‘Library Books‘ (industry specialists), to make themselves available to our local community for questions, discussions and conversations relating to a particular topic.

This month, the topic was Social Media for Business. 28 of our local Newtown businesses came along to ask questions of our two library books Paula O’Sullivan from Possum Digital and Elizabeth Heusler from Heusler Public Relations.

Each of our local specialists gave a two minute introduction that outlined their expertise.  Then they hosted a table where our attendees were able to move from table to table and ask questions relevant to their business.

Our attendees on the night were very impressed with our experts and their ability to answer the diverse and complex questions they had.  They also loved that the group discussions uncovered a lot of information that they hadn’t thought of previously.

The NPBA will be hosting regular Human Library events, the next is all about Doing Business in Newtown.  Some of our highly successful local businesses will be telling us why they love doing business in Newtown and will be available for you to ask questions on how you can replicate their success.  Watch out for more details coming soon.


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