Village Ambassador Program

The NPBA Executive Committee Endorses the Village Ambassador Program

The Village Ambassadors represent 5 key villages in the Newtown Precinct.

  1. Enmore
  2. Erskineville
  3. Camperdown
  4. North King Street
  5. South King Street

It is the role of our village ambassadors to assist the NPBA by facilitating deeper engagement with each of its villages. Our ambassadors are immersed in their local village, well connected with other local businesses and have a passion for Doing Better Business.

The village ambassador will be responsible for coordinating a group of local businesses who meet every second month and share the same passion for their local village and the Newtown precinct. Each ambassador must be a Partner (financial) Member of the NPBA.

Here is the set agenda for these meetings

  1. Marketing
    1. Identify newsworthy stories that will assist in promoting the village eg; new businesses opening, events, promotions, staff/owner profiles, articles on specific businesses or local topics
    2. These stories will be provided to the NPBA coordinator for distribution through the aligned marketing channels
    3. The NPBA will assist in developing these stories, but the village ambassadors, and their committees will help by identifying the content
  2. Advocacy
    1. Identify challenges to doing better business in the village
    2. Suggest solutions to the NPBA committee for assistance in overcoming these challenges or request solutions from the committee
  3. Engagement
    1. Encourage local businesses to sign up as Partners or Supporters of the NPBA
    2. Hold 2 topical ‘member’ events that will help the village do better business
      • Secure a venue to host these events
      • Promote these events to businesses in the local precinct to drive attendance
      • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of these events
  1. Good Food Fair
    1. Promote engagement with the fair to local village businesses
    2. Assist in the marketing and promotion of the fair

The outcomes of these meetings will then be forward to the NPBA coordinator to action and relate to the NPBA executive committee.

Code of Conduct

It is expected that all sub-committee members abide by the constitution of the NPBA specifically in relation to the conduct of a committee member.

We encourage our committee members to be mindful of conversations and actions taken on behalf of the Association. These conversations and action must be approved by the committee and properly represent the mandate of the NPBA.

Acting objectively as a representative of the precinct, and not as an owner or employee of your member business, is of utmost importance.

If you would like to become a Village Ambassador, please contact us to have a discussion.

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