Creative Industries

Tiliqua Studio

A space for Artmaking and Design

Tiliqua Studio is a combined design and art-making space that occupies a split-level industrial building in St Peters, Sydney. It was formed to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for creative professionals from both the digital and analog worlds. Upstairs is a clean, colourful and sophisticated space for five designers to be inspired in. Downstairs is a light-filled art-making studio focussing on intaglio and relief printmaking.

The cooperative work spaces allow for the lively exchange of ideas and sharing of resources, while providing space for privacy. There is access to wireless internet, meeting spaces, resource libraries, printing presses, a kitchen – all within walking distance of public transport and good coffee. The studio is already home to a group of creatives with a diverse range of practices in graphic design, animation, painting, drawing, printmaking and art therapy.

If you want the buzz of a studio environment while remaining your own man or woman, contact us for information about availability and rates.