The Sydney Fringe

Back for 2014!

In a city known to celebrate shining harbours, large scale theatre productions, glossy bars and big ticket events it’s often easy to glance across the street but never look below.

Here at the Sydney Fringe we revel in mining the streets to see what’s bubbling beneath the surface of the city. We thrive to embrace the wonderful creatures who create the most magical moments, who reside in tiny secret venues, who push the boundaries of an art form, who work tirelessly for their craft and shape the cultural identity and heart of our city.

The Sydney Fringe celebrates the cultural heart of Sydney. It is varied, quirky, exceptional, fun, moving, inspiring and informative. Dare to dig a little deeper with us and you will discover a world that exists just outside your everyday. Around the corner from where you catch the bus, underneath where you have your morning coffee and across the road from where you work. It’s here year round, generating incredible works, experimenting with ideas, entertaining, informing and creating. Whether its a fabulous independent retailer, a tiny little theatre company, an emerging musician or comedian, a great artisan cafe or hidden gallery we intend to find it for you. So step out your door this spring and see what your city has to offer.

Now in it’s fifth year the Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in NSW and this year we are gearing up for the biggest most impressive festival yet. Not only are we presenting some of the best artists the city has to offer but we are also featuring family events, artist workshops, public forums and street activations. We are supporting emerging and early career artists, and partnering with some of our favourite arts organisations. Spread out across five cultural villages, the Sydney Fringe Festival presents hundreds of productions in over 60 venues. We celebrate local artists and encourage new audiences to experience the independent arts of Sydney to build a stronger more sustainable sector.

On any given night in Sydney you can catch wind of a tiny little production in an unknown venue, if you know where to look. It is these hidden gems that the Sydney Fringe offers up every spring. We want you to wind your way around little streets, find wonderful offerings by our local artisans and we’re going to help you get there. Be it by bus, train or on foot we have wonderful artist trails for you to explore, venues to discover and have made it as easy as possible for you to see as much as possible of your city this spring.