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Rigpa Sydney is part of an international network of centres, offering the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is relevant and beneficial for people in our modern world.  Based on an authentic tradition handed down through many generations of Tibetan masters, we offer a complete path of study and practice covering every stage of the Buddha’s teachings.

For over 30 years, we have been fortunate to host visits and teachings from many teachers from different Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Find us at: https://sydney.rigpa.org.au

What We Offer

Our courses and programs share authentic Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques and methods for training in compassion, which have been developed over centuries. Meditation and compassion have been shown to be beneficial in many ways, including bringing peace of mind, and helping to deal with stress and depression. They can also help us to develop more kindness and warm-heartedness for ourselves, our families and those around us, and ultimately to connect us with our own true nature and fundamental goodness


By training in mindfulness and meditation, we pacify our scattered minds, defuse our powerful emotions and overcome distraction.

The practice of meditation allows the mind to settle into a state of ‘calm abiding’, where it will find peace and stability. We rest the mind naturally in a state of relaxed awareness, in order to allow the nature of mind to reveal itself.

The ancient method of meditation is a powerful support for modern life—something that can be practiced anywhere, by anyone, of any age or background.

Moreover, there is growing scientific evidence that meditation has a positive effect on our health and well-being.


The rich and varied tradition of compassion one of the great strengths of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These teachings and practices are the perfect next step for anyone who is already familiar with basic meditation or mindfulness practice.

By developing compassion and loving kindness both for ourselves and others, we build a stable sense of self-esteem and a healthy, nourishing love for ourselves.

Compassion is not simply a sense of sympathy for someone who is suffering, not simply a warmth of heart toward the person before you, or just recognition of their needs. It is also a sustained and practical determination to do whatever is possible and necessary to help alleviate their suffering.

When studying and practicing compassion, we develop a more wholesome, less selfish way of being.



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