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Purveyor of fine art, design & illustration supplies

At Pigment Lab we offer quality art supplies with brands that are rare or unavailable elsewhere in Australia. They are of a higher standard but comparable in price with what is widely available.

Pigment Lab is the sole distributor for are Da Vinci, Vallejo & Wallace Seymour.

We also offer readymade canvases that are made with premium canvases and reforested Australian pine as well as a bespoke custom canvas stretching service all assembled on site.


A little information on the three brands mentioned above:

Vallejo is a Spanish company who produce a variety of acrylic paints, mediums, varnishes & other auxiliary products. Really high pigmentation, great coverage and a very reasonable price point.

The Da Vinci Paint Company originates in Italy over 90 years ago but is now based in California. They have developed premium watercolour and gouache, acrylic and oil paints. Their base paint formula has 15% more pigment than other brands and contains no filler. Da Vinci are making Pigment Lab a custom 20 watercolour box set all selected by us and Jane Blundell.

The third brand is Wallace Seymour (formerly named Pip Seymour). WS are based in the North of England and make incredible handmade oils and watercolours. Both ranges contain historical and original colours like Genuine Lapis Lazuli, Spanish Vermillion & Oxfordshire Slate Grey.



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