We Are an interdisciplinary studio always ready to challenge the conventional in pursuit of the extraordinary.

Based in Newtown Precinct, Peter Campbell Design (PCD) is a specialist consultancy with particular expertise in strategic branding and brand strategy, visual identity and communications, social documentary photography and publishing, exhibition design, structured environmental graphics and architectural glass, interpretive wayfinding, corporate publications, annual reports, information design, packaging and merchandising.
With a strong conceptual design and architectural background, and project management expertise, PCD has the right ingredients 
to bring about the alchemy expected from great design.
Peter Campbell is known as the principal of CampbellBarnett, until recently the trading name of his company Creative Resources Management Pty Ltd, and the creator of the Newtown Precinct brand and website.
For over 25 years Peter has pushed at many creative boundaries, collaborating with experts in the visual and performing arts, exhibition design, architecture, photography, industrial design, textiles, glass, film, music and publishing.
By leveraging his experience, Peter can help clients understand the many ways in which design can alter perceptions, trigger innovation and initiate positive change; to recognise when a project has deeper strategic issues at its core than they might realise.
PCD encourages relationships that recognise the powerful role design plays in society, that fully engage the experience and problem-solving expertise of the studio, and that value the thought that builds depth and strength into each project.
Whilst both our language and culture celebrate individual talent, we also believe that brilliance flourishes in the presence of diversity, trust, creative tension and collaboration.
When imagination, ingenuity, resourcefulness and vision is shared, inspired solutions can appear more rapidly and be realised at greater depth. The process of identifying, articulating and formalising inherent differences in expertise, approach and talent provides a framework for creative development in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
As strategic visual thinkers and designers, dot-connectors, analysts and communicators, PCD provides a design oriented ‘centre of gravity’ for its clients;  visual solutions, information architectures and management strategies that deliver for projects large and small.



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