Izba Russian Treats

IZBA Russian Treats

We are a bakery where genuine Russian hospitality is expressed through delicious cakes and pastries baked in-house.

In IZBA we represent the art of traditional Russian baking and share with you family-cherished recipes that have been passed on through generations of grandmas.

The word IZBA means a ‘wooden cottage’, a type of ancestral Russian dwelling, the cradle of tradition and a family gathering place filled with aroma of freshly baked cakes. It symbolizes all things comfort and home, happiness and childhood memories.

IZBA sweets are no fancy pretentious creations of an innovation-driven pastry chef. They are authentic. They are the living souls of Russia, the essence of Russian hospitality. They remind us of our families, our traditions and our dearest childhood memories – all that we want to share with you through the goodies we bake.



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