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Are you thinking of Starting your Own Business? Do you have a great idea and want to create your own Business doing what you know and what you love?
At Healthy Numbers we are all about Growing Businesses Healthier by providing just in time on-line business training and financial understanding for Startups.

Our clients are Startups, people starting their own business, creting a Life they love through being in their own business.

We are an on-line business training company. We want to disrupt conventional thinking about income generation – without doing anything illegal! We teach people how to use what they know and what they love to create new income in their business.

Never before in history has there been a better time for you to take personal charge of your individual ability to create income i.e. Start your Own Business!

While many people want to start their own business, not everyone knows how.

We find people have 3 main problems:

  • They lack a clear vision; they are not sure what they are trying to create and where they are going, they are unsure if they have what it takes and have no role models
  • They are unclear about the journey; they don’t have a clear road map for how to achieve the business and lifestyle they desire, don’t know how to create products, website, sales funnel, issues invoices, register a biz name ….
  • They don’t know what to invest in; where to spend their time, their money. There is so much information available, where do they turn to? what to do first? what do they do vs outsource to others.

This is why we do what we do.

If you are thinking of Starting Your Own Business to create a Life you Love then our online program “So You Want to Start a Business” is designed especially for you

The Healthy Numbers Expense and Income Tracker is designed with you in mind if you looking for a simple and easy way to keep track of your Expenses and Income? Whether you are in Business or looking to track your personal expenses we have the answer for you



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