Where imagination and intelligence lead, technology follows

Computing, engineering, nanotechnology and the wild possibilities of the digital age have given us transparent materials and ‘dematerialising’ structures with extraordinary properties. Availability, aesthetics and the ability to use technology to solve climatic issues have driven experimentation and development to new levels; our massive buildings appear to be built of glass.

While the extreme reduction and minimalism of the 1990s provided a severe clarity that was seductive and certainly welcome after the visual excesses of earlier decades, it offered little warmth for the human spirit that created it.

In the new millennium, architecture negotiates a path between the unrelenting demands of rationality and engagement with the refined visual possibilities found in the creative output of contemporary arts practice. Glassplay’s experience and expertise results in a creative environment within which the artistry and integrity of the handmade is maintained, at the same time as the real benefits of digitally-based, industrial production techniques are exploited.

Our output integrates the potent graphic skills and digital expertise of our sister company, CampbellBarnett. Corporate and institutional clients benefit from the integration of branding, exhibition design, environmental and interpretive graphics, wayfinding, photography and publications in a total package.



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