Blunt Pacers

This September Blunt Pacers Presents…

Pocket-Sized Precincts, the itty-bitty city art quest & Dark Times Gallery, an immersive dystopian gallery experience.

Pocket-Sized Precincts

September 23 – October 8, 2017

Join the itty-bitty city art quest! Download a map at

Pocket-Sized Precincts is a free annual, all-ages art quest where participants explore local businesses to collect clues and discover new Sydney parks where they can find itty-bitty artworks by local artists – before putting their own creative skills into action!

Supported by the City of Sydney, the Awesome Foundation, Kerrie Lowe Gallery & Cheeky Transport

Dark Times Gallery 

September 5 – 9 as part of the Sydney Fringe
Stage 3, The HPG Festival Hub, 215 – 225 Euston Rd, Alexandria
Adults $17, concession & groups of 6 or more $12
Tickets available at

IMAGINE an art exhibition that flouts every convention. A dark space that draws you into a bleak yet conceivable future.

An exhibition with no white walls, where no silent musing or whispered admiration is necessary; in fact, none of the usual gallery etiquette.

Instead, entering the dimly-lit gallery, a dystopian tale unfolds. Disembodied voices woven into a sinister soundscape and eerily illuminated artworks guide visitors through the 30-minute experience.

Dark Times Gallery tells the story of a newly recruited bureaucrat who unwittingly stumbles upon incriminating correspondence between big corporate and corrupt politicians.

Be drawn into the dilemma. Does he ignore the potential end of Australia as we know it or can he live the life of a whistleblower? And if he does rise to the challenge, how can he get his message out to a world already saturated with information? A world where the lines between facts, news and conspiracy are being constantly blurred. Come and see where it ends….