The Local Business Co-Operative

Helping local businesses to grow

The Co-Op is a business accelerator program, managed by the Newtown Precinct Business Association, that will help grow the capacity of local small to medium sized businesses.

We will do this by providing face to face/virtual mentoring, advisory and promotional services to local businesses as well as the option to use our space as an office.

The Local Co-Op will provide

  1. Business coaching and advisory services (strategy, marketing, finance, business idea feasibility analysis, business model creation, accounting, legal, etc)
  2. Physical facilities – A space to work, rooms to meet or hold events and studios for video/audio production
  3. People connectivity and networking – Mentoring, coaching, virtual communities, mentors, entrepreneurs, investors
  4. Access to finance & capital services – Angels and VC capital, pitching, commercial loans & government grants
  5. Training services – Workshops, resource library, business topics courses, soft skills seminars, etc
  6. Brand building services – How to attract new customers and build a reputation
  7. Marketing for our hosted businesses – To promote their expertise and create new business opportunities for them

There will be three options for local businesses to engage with us

  1. Free Workshops and Seminars
    • Any business in our local area can attend free monthly workshops based on helping you Do Better Business
    • A free business analysis that will show you what you’re good at and what you’re not
  2. Office space from $99 per month
    • Casual office seating in our ‘hot’ desks & lounges from $99/month
    • Permanent desk space from $125
    • A limited number of private office spaces that can host up to 5 people
    • All spaces include
      • Face to face business coaching that helps you grow your business
      • Wifi for you and your guests
      • Basic office printing facilities
      • Access to our meeting rooms
      • Weekly events on how to grow your business
    • There are also
      • Regular workshops on how to Do Better Business with like-minded locals
      • Access to business funding through government grants, Angel investing, business loans and Venture Capitalists 
      • Onsite printing and stationary facilities
      • A listing and content opportunities on our consumer facing website that will drive new business inquiry for you
    • Plus membership of the NPBA and NSW Business Chamber ‘Local Chamber Alliance’ program
  3. Face to face business coaching from $150 per month
    • Using the free business analysis we offer, our in-house business experts will
      • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses
      • Develop a customised mentoring program based on this analysis
      • Provide information and recommendations on how to make your business more sustainable and grow
      • Meet regularly to help you activate the program
      • Provide regular reports and updates on your progress
    • Plus membership of the NPBA and NSW Business Chamber ‘Local Chamber Alliance’ program

Our intention is not just to provide an office environment to work in, but to include the essential coaching services our local small businesses need to grow.  

‘We imagine that we would host some of these businesses for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.’ Mark Ely, NPBA President. ‘By that time we would hope we have helped them grow to the point of employing more people, having their own or larger premises and have built an ongoing business they can rely on.’

If you are interested in working in this space, please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE to be notified of when space will be available.


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