The PRECINCT of Newtown

Enmore, Erskineville, Camperdown and King St, all part of the Newtown Precinct

Newtown and King St are names that are synonymous with most Sydney-siders. Our Visitor Economy Research commissioned last year tells us that we are the most visited precinct outside of the Sydney CBD for the purposes of day trip leisure tourism.

But there is so much more to Newtown than King St! While we all know that, many Sydney-siders don’t. So to assist in promoting these hubs and providing advocacy to each of the different villages in our precinct, the NPBA is introducing a ‘Village Ambassador’ program.

Each of these villages will have a small group of local business owners or managers who are passionate about their location and want to Do Better Business.  The association will take guidance from these individuals as to the activities we provide, the advocacy we can initiate and the way we promote the village.

These villages are

  1. Enmore
  2. Erskineville
  3. Camperdown
  4. North King St
  5. South King St

Based on our key strategies of Advocacy, Marketing and Member Engagement, we will be asking our village ambassadors for input regarding what the association can do in each of these key areas.

If you are passionate about your village, we would invite you to help us Do Better Business in your area by volunteering your time as part of our village ambassador program. If you are interested, please contact our office for more details.




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