The Precinct of Newtown

A project managed by the Newtown Precinct Business Association that will help bring together all the moving parts in our Precinct

King St is the border between the City of Sydney (east side of King St) and Inner West Council (West side of King St from ). While we are seen as one community, the different regulations and support offered by both local councils has the potential to cause disruption and confusion for visitors and local business. For example
  1. Different trading hours for local businesses on opposite sides of King St
  2. Garbage bins are provided on the Inner West Council side of King Street only;
  3. Inconsistent approaches to paving and streetscape treatment, including paving on Inner West side and bitumen only on the City of Sydney side;
  4. Free footpath dining on the Inner West side but with costs involved on the City of Sydney side;
  5. Late night grants opportunities which are available to businesses on the City of Sydney side of the street only

Recently the City of Sydney announced a review of late night trading hours which, left unchecked, could’ve led to one side of King St open till 10pm and the other shutting earlier. We immediately requested an audience with Darcy Byrne, Mayor of the Inner West Council.

The Mayor responded immediately and we have discussed ways in which we can help provide greater consistency for visitors/business and also provide a voice for locals.

The NPBA is in discussions with both councils regarding the ‘Newtown Precinct’ project. This project will see all the moving parts of the precinct talking to each other to achieve a more consolidated plan of management for the area. This will lead to a collaborative environment which will provide greater consistency for visitors to the area and for the businesses within in.

Here’s what we have suggested to do this

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