Restructure of the NPBA Committee

The new NPBA committee will include representation from each of our 5 precinct villages

To help broaden the engagement with our entire precinct, the NPBA committee will be re-structured to incorporate representation from each of our 5 key precinct villages

  1. Enmore
  2. Erskineville
  3. Camperdown
  4. North King St
  5. South King St

Our mission is to help our local members to Do Better Business.  To do this, we need deeper engagement with our local businesses and representation from them at a committee level. ‘This new committee structure will help us identify the best way to support our local members.’, Mark Ely, NPBA president.

In addition to the four office bearers of the Association, each of the 5 villages will have a representative on the committee. Each committee member will have three key responsibilities.

  1. Share ‘What’s Happening’ in their village so the Association can promote and support
  2. Communicate the Associations programs and activities so that local village businesses can engage
  3. Contribute to the direction of the Association and help the precinct Do Better Business

The inclusion of this new structure will dove tail into the new membership categories which include a complimentary membership for any business within our precinct. If the changes are passed at our next AGM, any business within our 5 villages can receive the benefits of NPBA membership at no charge.

To become a village representative on our NPBA committee, you must be a current member and be nominated and seconded by a current member. If you would like more information regarding this process, or you would like to receive a nomination form, please contact our office for more information.

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