P&V Merchants – 64 Enmore Road Newtown

P&V Merchants: local mates and drinks

There’s something familiar about P&V. While it’s undoubtedly a bottle-o it has a quality that makes you feel like you could sling your keys into the bowl by the door, settle in and enjoy good wine and a chat with mates.

And it’s a familiarity that comes from Newtown locals, Lou Dowling (Marys, Unicorn and Bloodwood) and Mike Bennie (Rootstock) who live in and love the community. Throw into the mix business power couple, Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham (Marys, Unicorn and Lansdowne Hotel) and you find yourself not just in a bottle shop but a place that welcomes people who want to have a look around, learn about natural wines and get a few local beers and/or spirits.

Mike and Lou both tell me it was important they didn’t just open a bottle shop, it had to be part of the community run by staff who are experts in natural wine and craft liquor and are happy to shoot the breeze.

Tapping into Newtown’s burgeoning natural wine following with workshops held weekly with wine makers who talk about their vino. Mike says Newtown locals want to know the story about their wines which is why he will continue to hold events.

Lou tells me Australia has many great craft gins and whisky. Saying that Australian gin is particularly good because of the botanicals available P&V stock Poor Tom and Archie Rose. Like the wine makers, Lou says Inner West craft brewers are welcome to use the space to connect with locals.

Opening in December 2017, P&V stocks some of Australia’s and the world’s best natural wines, Inner West craft beers, and a selection of craft gins and whisky. You won’t be hit by buzz-kill fluro lights instead it’s an open front shop with a small courtyard and soft lighting, so you don’t feel like you need to get out the second you arrive.

You’ll find P&V at 64 Enmore Road open from 10am to 9pm seven days a week.   

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