Old 505 Theatre – 5 Eliza St Newtown

A creative incubator filled withe local independent artists right in the middle of Newtown Sydney


From the beginning in 2004 the people behind The Old 505 Theatre, Kerri Glasscock and Cameron Undy, simply wanted a space where they could put on new theatre and music. From those Surry Hills warehouse beginnings the evolution from underground venue operations to the present day multi-venue operation was a natural progression.

The Old 505 Theatre is now resident in what was formerly the School of the Arts in Eliza St in the heart Newtown, continuing the proud and long history of arts practice in this historic building. Entirely artist run, the 505 Organisation presents about 320 productions a year across their two venues – without subsidies.

Newtown is the logical place for such a venue today. A space that allows local writers, actors and directors to develop works and present them to appreciative audiences without the onerous costs usually associated with such productions.

Maintaining the building’s heritage features requires the Old 505 Theatre to operate smartly within the space, and they have done so with minimal impact on the building.

The 65-seat theatre space delivers an intimate performance arena that allows the audience to enjoy an immersive theatre experience and the actors and directors to get an immediate feel for the audience reactions to their works.

So, support local artists and enjoy cutting edge modern theatre productions just a short stroll from the plentiful local eateries and bars, and easily accessible by public transport in Newtown.

Shows are on five nights a week, so to see what’s on and book your tickets, visit the website  Facebook or Twitter


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