NPBA Strategy Day Minutes

Held across two days, the NPBA committee have developed new strategies based around advocacy, marketing and member engagement

The Objectives of our strategy days were

  1. To identify the activities, programs, events and projects that the NPBA should focus on for 2016/17 based on how they help our precinct Do Better Business
  2. To prioritise these activities in order of importance
  3. To build a list of activities and programs for our members
  4. To suggest ways in which we can dramatically increase number of local businesses we engage with

Our Mission

The NPBA is the voice of the Newtown Precinct business community and helps the precinct Do Better Business.

We do this through

  1. Advocacy
    • Support programs that develop and protect the economic development our precinct
    • Lobby on behalf of our precinct in matters that threaten the economic development of our business community
    • Respond to issues and concerns from our constituents relating to their capacity to operate their businesses
  2. Marketing
    • Provide the communication tools to promote the Newtown precinct for the purposes of daytrip visitation
    • Develop content that tells the Newtown Story
  3. Member Engagement
    • Connect our local businesses with each other and build a sense of community
    • Provide programs that help our members Do Better Business
  4. Good Food Fair
    • Signature event for the NPBA that drives footfall to the precinct and revenue for our members

1 – Advocacy


  1. To be the voice of local business
  2. To be objective and independent in all representations of the local business community
  3. To be positioned as the peak body that represents the concerns of all local businesses
  4. To communicate clearly and inclusively

Threats and Opportunities

  1. Resource intensive
    • To engage our constituents for feedback and relaying information
    • From a funding perspective to action the solutions we require in response to campaigns selected for lobbying
  2. Perception as the peak body – Need to truly represent a greater number of local businesses – Ie; not 150 members, but 6000 businesses in our precinct
  3. Our ability to action – Rallying teams of local businesses to support, Funding models to support campaigns (eg; crowd funding)
  4. Accountability – when we take a position we are accountable to deliver on it
    • We are also accountable for that position with the threat of local businesses not agreeing with us or potentially the councils that fund us

What does success look like?

  1. Engaging with a majority of businesses in the precinct
  2. Local business recognising our advice
  3. Local businesses actively engaging
  4. Being seen as the ‘go to’ body for questions about doing business in the precinct
  5. Positive/desired outcomes from advocacy campaigns
  6. Different areas/segments working together under the precinct banner


  1. Scope and deliver the ‘opt out’ membership model
  2. Build a Village Ambassador program to engage the different areas of the precinct – North King, South King, Erskinville, Enmore and Camperdown
    • Identify 5 key people in each area to lead a smaller group of local businesses
    • Create a role description for each of these people to coordinate the advocacy, marketing content and events in their area
    • The emphasis on bringing the local business together to identify issues and marketing content to be brought to the committee

2 – Marketing


  1. Promote Newtown to increase footfall
  2. Promote local businesses
  3. Provide information on the precinct
  4. Way-finding – helping people find what they need, where to get it and how to get there

Threats and Opportunities

  1. CONTENT! Removing the necessity to base content on member businesses will allow a far greater range, variety and consistency of content distributed through our channels.
  2. This ‘breaking of the chains’ will to a certain extent remedy
    1. Resources – Developing engaging content (particularly from non-responsive members) is a huge drain on resources
    2. Infrastructure – With a far greater selection of content to choose from, we can engage more platforms – video etc
    3. Visitor engagement – With a greater selection of content, our precinct will appeal to and engage a greater number of people. This will in turn increase visitation to the precinct and promotion of our local businesses

What does success look like?

  1. Increased Visitation/traffic to our distribution channels
  2. Increased footfall to the precinct
  3. Increased engagement from local business for the ‘What’s On’


  1. Develop a marketing brief outlining our objectives, current distribution channels and budget
  2. Request a marketing plan, based on the brief, that will advise on methods of how to achieve our objectives within our current restrictions

3 – Member Engagement 


  1. Provide the tools local businesses need to Do Better Business
  2. To update members/local businesses on our activities and ‘What’s Happening’
  3. To be engaged with local business
  4. New ‘member’ development – with our refocus away from membership, this will be ‘New engagement opportunities with local businesses’
  5. Education and training our locals in how to Do Better Business
  6. To provide a social connection for our business community

Threats and Opportunities

  1. The number of home based small businesses in our precinct is dramatically increasing and we need to provide them with the tools they need to grow
  2. Resources – the logistical element of the member events is easy, it’s putting together an engaging program, marketing it and maximising attendance that is time consuming and require 4-8 weeks lead time
  3. Lack of focus on events – Not enough time has been spent of developing the program and marketing it
  4. Too much focus on events – potentially trying to do too much – need to look at reducing the number of events (don’t do monthly) but have fewer better events
  5. Need to increase promotion of third party events (City of Sydney/Inner West Council/NSW Business Chamber/etc)
  6. Human Library model was effective as it was interesting and hitting the mark of what local businesses want
  7. Need to have FUN!
  8. Needs to be Relevant

What does success look like?

  1. Increased attendance at NPBA events
  2. A calendar of events that meet the training and development needs of our precinct


  1. Prepare the business plan for the Co-share Accelerator workspace to help engage and grow our local small businesses
  2. Utilise the Village Ambassador program to hear what local businesses want regarding engagement
  3. Promote 3rd party events – City of Sydney, Inner West Council, NSW Business Chamber, Small Biz Connect
    1. Approach these organisations to host some of these events in Newtown
  4. Scope ways to identify the training and development needs of our members – ie; surveys, meetings, emails, social polling etc
  5. Develop a management plan for the website ‘What’s on’ calendar to promote all events equally, not just those of a particular member

4 – Good Food Fair


  1. To increase footfall to the precinct – Leisure visitation
  2. To create engagement between the residential community and local businesses
  3. To generate revenue for the businesses involved
  4. To promote Newtown Precinct, the NPBA and the businesses manning a stall

Threats and Opportunities

  1. Engagement with a greater number of local businesses – Some businesses see the fair as taking business away from them on the day
  2. Is 1 GFF per year enough? Could we do more? – Laneway festival?
  3. What’s the potential to include non F&B businesses?
  4. Congestion on the day – large visitation numbers mean increased revenue but can cause grief for locals with pedestrian and vehicle congestion
  5. Promote public transport
  6. Resources and finances are a hindrance to growth
  7. Liz has been working on this event FOC for 5 years with no remuneration
  8. Difficult to work with COS regarding DA applications and physical placement of the fair – too much red tape!
  9. Inner West Council much more supportive so 5 Eliza st was a logical choice for 2016

What does success look like?

  1. Lot’s of full stomachs – ie; a lot of people satisfied with the product offered on the day
  2. Businesses who want to be a part of the fair
  3. Huge flow on effect to the local businesses in the area on the day
  4. Generate a long term revenue stream for the association through
    1. Annual kick in of revenue from a positive financial result
    2. Potential long term to license or ‘sell’ the event


  1. Scope ways to increase capacity
  2. Define ways to get better feedback to base future models on
    1. Visitor numbers
    2. Geographical location
    3. What marcoms did they see or hear that prompted their visit


Future opportunities to discuss moving forward

Member Vs Non-member Structure

Unanimous agreement to move away from the current membership model and seek out the potential to flip the model around – Every GST registered business and sole trader with a registered business address or shop front in our precinct is a ‘Member’ (need to develop a better name)

This will assist us in representing a larger constituency and to do this we need to change our current model as the existing model is too resource heavy considering our budgets.

Co-Share Accelerator

Falls directly into our advocacy for the precinct and also member engagement by helping SME’s grow their capacity.  We will provide a service that grows the economic development capacity of the precinct.

Unanimous agreement to move forward with this project based on the previous discussions and presentations made to the committee.  This is based on the assumption of proper financial scoping and the financial backing of council.

Smartphone Application

Difficult to identify objectives that can be manageable.  In this sessions we discussed objectives based on

  1. Revenue Generation for the NPBA
  2. Promoting/value add for existing third party events
  3. Providing information and navigation to leisure visitors to our precinct and ultimately increasing footfall
  4. Promoting ‘Members’ to the leisure visitors to the precinct
  5. Providing a portal to visitors to book activity with local business eg; book a table at a restaurant/buy a ticket to a show
  6. Provide a tool for local business to advertise specials and promotions
  7. Use the app as a tracker for visitor engagement with local business

We have scoped three different models in the last 12 months but the objectives of each program were not aligned with our main priorities.  It was decided to earmark this project for the next strategy day where we will try to determine some manageable objectives and scope a potential project from there.

International/Interstate Tourism

Will be incorporated into the marketing plan, conscious that this is a resource heavy opportunity.


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