NPBA Presidents Report 2017

A recap of our major initiatives from 2016/17 and our focus moving forward

Wednesday 22 November 2017 – CoWork Newtown

The NPBA has instigated some major initiatives which have a large impact on how we serve our precinct

  1. CoWork Newtown
  2. Westconnex Advocacy
  3. Night Time Economy Alliance
  4. Biggest and best Newtown Good Food Fair to date

To summarise the past year in terms of these objectives

  1. Marketing
    • This calendar year alone we have promoted 269 local businesses across our digital channels
    • We’ve reached over 711,500 and engaged with over 48,000 people on social media
    • Every time we post a social media update about a local business or event
      1. We reach an average of 2645 people
      2. We engage an average of 179 people per post
    • Our website has reached over 810,000 people and had over 101,000 unique views on local content
    • The objective of our digital marketing is to promote the businesses and events in Newtown so that more people will visit our precinct and walk in your door
  2. Advocacy
    • Major emphasis on Westonnex and its impact on our precinct businesses as this road project is the single biggest threat to our precinct.
    • Engaged with the roads minister Melinda Pavey and received assurance that there will be no clearways on King St
    • We initiated the Night Time Economy Alliance which will assist in the development and management of our Night Time Economy
    • We are in the process of discussing our new ‘Newtown Precinct’ project, which will help the different moving parts of Newtown talk to each other – Councils – RMS – Residents – Businesses – Anyone who needs a voice to help make Newtown a holistic precinct
  3. Engagement
    • We have currently 209 listed members which is a 32% increase from this time last year (158 members)
    • This is due to our inclusion this year of our ‘Supporter’ membership category, introduce at last year’s AGM, which doesn’t attract an annual fee
    • CoWork Newtown is our biggest engagement strategy to date and is the largest project the NPBA has taken on
      • CoWork is a Business Accelerator that will provide business mentoring and affordable office space
      • Our objectives for this new business are
        • Provide local businesses with the support they need to be more sustainable and grow
        • Have a bricks and mortar presence in the precinct so that local businesses can walk in and engage with us
        • Develop a revenue stream for the NPBA that is independent of government funding
      • Tonight, you get a sneak peek of the space before we open to the public in the coming days
      • Shortly, you will all receive an offer of a free business analysis which will include a face to face meeting with our resident business advisors from Realise Business – Jacqui and Katherine are herewith us tonight to meet you all. This is our opening offer to engage with as many local businesses as possible and identify how we can support your development
  4. Good Food Fair
    1. Our biggest and best fair yet
    2. 11,000 people in attendance with 56% of these people from outside newtown and visiting at least one other business before they leave
    3. 30 stall holders across Eliza St and Newtown Square with the addition of a live music stage, petting zoo and other animations to keep punters at the fair longer.

Moving Forward

  1. Marketing
    • The City of Sydney has some new destination marketing strategies going live in the coming months
    • These strategies are based around local experiences and will be an opportunity to promote our local businesses to a much larger audience
  2. Advocacy
    • We aim to commence the ‘Newtown Precinct’ project in early 2018 with a ‘Future of King St Forum
      • This forum will bring together the government representatives at all three levels to discuss what their future plans for King St are
      • It will also be an opportunity for locals to ask questions
      • We will be facilitating an ongoing reference group to ensure we are all collaborating together
    • The Night Time Economy Alliance will start advocating for things like
      • Development of new products and services that Newtown can offer at night
      • Animation and activity that appeals a wider demographic of visitor
      • Better transport options late at night
      • Marketing and communications that deliver Newtown’s message of being an inclusive and diverse culture
  3.  Engagement
    • CoWork Newtown is our focus here as we see this business as being central to our engagement with locals
      • Promoting our free business analysis for locals and our mentoring services
      • Providing affordable office spaces from $99/week
      • Holding weekly capacity building events to help you manage your business and grow
      • Delivering our ‘Cultural and Creative Support Program’, which offers local home-based businesses a sponsorship for their costs and develops their business
  4. Good Food Fair
    • Continue the growth of this event by increasing the product offering onsite
    • Scope the potential to close down Enmore Rd between King and Station St’s as we will soon need more space

We would like to thank our members and local businesses for their continued support.

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