NPBA Presidents Report 2016

Mark Ely, President of the NPBA, delivered his report on the 2015/16 Financial Year


President’s Report

NPBA – Annual General Meeting

Monday 24 November 2016 – Rising Sun Workshop

Thanks to everyone for coming tonight.  I’d like to take some time to review the last financial year as we have commenced a lot of projects that will help us provide you with greater benefits.

In the calendar year of 2016, the committee has instigated some major initiatives which have a large impact on how we serve our precinct

  • Website re-development
  • Major emphasis on our advocacy campaign for Westconnex
  • New strategy for engagement with four key pillars
    1. Marketing, Advocacy, Engagement and the Good Food Fair

To summarise the past year in terms of these objectives

  1. Marketing
    1. Re-developed our website to be more user friendly for visitors and members
      • Increased unique visitation year on year by 492 per month or an increase of 5904 for the year
      • Increased page visitation from 2.42 pages per session in 14/15 to 5.86 pages per visitor 15/16 – So our visitors are viewing more information
      • Increased session duration from an average of 1.41 minutes per session to 2.26 minutes per session – So people are spending more time on our website
  1. Concentrated our content to be more member specific
    1. Previous content was more commercially popular, but less engaging with our members
  2. Our social media engagement also saw an increased engagement
    1. 31 new followers per week (1644 for the year)
    2. An average reach of 8193 people per week
    3. 636 people per week engaged with our content

These major changes in the way we assist in marketing our local businesses are increasing the likelihood of commercialising our website. In turn this will assist us in creating revenue streams that are independent of local council funding.

Bottom line, the development of the new-look website and the concentration of member-based content has seen more people learn about what to do in Newtown which drives visitation to the precinct and into your businesses

  1. Advocacy
    1. Major emphasis on Westonnex and its impact on our precinct businesses as this road project is the single biggest threat to our precinct.
    2. Engaged with the roads minister Duncan Gay and received parliamentary assurance that there will be no clearways on King St (November 2015)
    3. Supported the Save Newtown Stop Westconnex Group in the direct action efforts
  2. Engagement
    1. We have currently 158 listed members
    2. Commenced preparations to include a two tier membership structure
      • Inclusion of a complimentary ‘Supporter’ level allowing engagement with a broader range of local businesses
    3. Participated in the City of Sydney led workshops to roll out a new engagement strategy
      • Resources, toolkits and education on how to Do Better Business
    4. Commenced a new member event concept called the ‘Human Library Series’ which will continue into next year
    5. Restructured our committee to include village based engagement – North King, South King, Enmore, Erskineville and Camperdown
  1. Good Food Fair
    1. 26 stall holders in two different precincts
    2. More punters in attendance with over 5000 people visiting the fair setting a benchmark for growth
    3. Seeling this year to expand the fair and develop another revenue stream for the association

Moving Forward

2016/17 has seen us commence key projects including

  1. Our two-tier membership structure
    1. I encourage you to vote for the changes in our constitution which will allow for this structure
    2. This will see our membership numbers grow substantially allowing for greater engagement within our precinct
  2. A Co-share accelerator hub
    1. Aimed at getting small businesses and sole traders out of their home office
    2. Provides these businesses with the support services they need – Graphic Design, Bookkeeping, Social Media management, Business Mentors
  3. Promote and engage the two tier membership structure
    1. Inner West Council are providing access to the 5500 businesses in our precinct and we will be
  4. A committee restructure to include representatives of our five precinct villages
    1. Enmore, Erskineville, Camperdown, North King and South King

We would like to thank our members for their continued support.



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