NPBA Constitutional Changes

Here is a list of the changes that will be voted on by our NPBA Members attending our AGM on Thursday 24 November

To assist in including a broader range of businesses as members of our association, the NPBA is making changes to our constitution to accommodate two member categories – Partner’s and Supporters.

To this end, the members of the NPBA will be voting to implement the following changes to the constitution.

Section 4 – Nomination of Membership

  1. Change the title of this section to ‘Application for Membership’
  2. Section 4 (1) replace the word ‘nomination’ with application
  3. Section 4 (1a) Remove the words ‘by a member of the association’
  4. Secti0on 4 (3b) replace the phrase ‘the sum payable’ with ‘any sum payable’

Section 10 – Fees and Subscriptions

  1. Add a new Section 10 (1) which reads
    1. (1) The association will implement two categories of membership – Partners & Supporters
      • (a) Partners are members who pay an annual fee to receive their entitlements
      • (b) Supporters are complimentary, non-voting members of the association
  2. Section 10 (2) add the word ‘Partner’, as in
    • ‘(2) A Partner member of the association must, on admission to membership, pay to the association a joining fee of $50 or, if some other amount is determined by the committee, that other amount.
  3. Section 10 (3) add the word ‘Partner’, as in
    • ‘(3) In addition to any amount payable by the Partner member under clause (1), a member of the association must pay to the association an annual membership fee of $50 or, if some other amount is determined by the committee, that other amount’

Should you wish further explanation of these changes, or a full copy of the drafted constitution, please contact our office.

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