Night Time Economy Alliance

Sustaining the Night Time Economy of Newtown

The Night Economy Alliance is a project that will develop a model of collaboration to advocate for the growth and sustainability of the Night Time Economy in Newtown.

This is the first of three stages which will set the tone for our local development, and a benchmark for other precincts and destinations to follow.

Stage 1 – Develop the Model

Stage 2 – Activate the Model

Stage 3 – Measure and Report the Success

The night time economy is a key driver of the Newtown Precinct. Our precinct includes Newtown, Enmore, Erskineville and Camperdown and is well known for its evening offering for visitors and locals alike.

A vibrant nighttime economy is essential to the sustainability of our precinct and the businesses within it. Therefore, the NPBA is in the process of implementing a scoping project into how to sustain a vibrant night time economy and ensure all stakeholders work together in this effort.

Late in 2016, the City of Sydney held a workshop with Mirik Milan, the ‘Night Mayor’ of Amsterdam. Mirak outlined a model of collaboration that has led to a dramatic development of their night time economy. This model is now being replicated in London, Berlin and New York.

During this workshop, we realised that much of the community led advocacy that the Amsterdam model was built on, is informally in place in Newtown. More importantly, it is already achieving great results that contribute to the development of the night economy.

In post-workshop conversations with both the City of Sydney and Inner West Councils, the NPBA has committed to a 3 stage project will outline

  1. Determine what makes a vibrant night time economy, how to measure it & how to report it
  2. Develop a model of collaboration for all stakeholders in the night time economy
  3. Develop objectives and metrics that meet the needs of all night time economy stakeholders
  4. Identify methods to assist in achieving these objectives (advocacy/services etc) and ways to deliver on them
  5. Record all activity to develop a model that can be replicated in other destinations

Stay tuned for further updates on this project. If you would like to know more or support the campaign, please contact our office.

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