Who Needs Sandwiches: Lunch in Newtown.

Work in Newtown and looking for a little lunch variety? Vietnamese, pizza, fried chicken, vegetarian, Russian, cheap Thai or a relaxing cafe - we are here to help.

You will never go hungry at lunch time in Newtown. You name it, you can probably find it. Here is a collection of lunch spots to hunt out if you haven’t already. One thing we can’t tell you though – where you can get a good ‘ole vegemite on white bread sandwich. Best you bring that from home.

The old-timers favourite

·         Post anything about Clem’s Chicken Shop on social media and the reaction is swift – seasoned Newtowners swear by Clem’s. $5.50 for a friend chicken roll! Think hangover food. 210 King.

Lunch with a social conscience

·         Lentil as Anything is always crowded. Vegetarian, pay as you feel fare. They employ “the long-term unemployed and the marginalised”. Word is, the original restaurant in Melbourne made more money once it adopted pay as you feel, than when the meals were priced. 391 King.

Cheery Thai

·         Thai La Ong’s $7 lunches are an absolute hit with students and other no-frills fans. Fresh and fast, but not plush. Two locations: 107 and 89 King.

On-the-run, almost finger food

·         You will find bite-sized sushi offerings on almost every block of King Street, but after a quick (and statistically totally insignificant) survey, we nominate Kai on King as the pick of the bunch. Convenient if you work at the hospital too. 129 King.

·         You all know Thai Pothong, but do you know her baby brother, Thaiways? They sell $4 soup from an outdoor vat on your way to the station, or reduced price stir-fry at the end of the day. Good value and tasty. Newtown Railway Station.

·         This one is an institution: Patizzi Pasta Café.  Sweet or savoury and flaky. You cannot visit Newtown and not try these. Some people live on them.  Particularly the chocolate variety. 523 King.

Vietnamese, the old and the new

·         Google ‘best lunches Enmore’ and Great Aunty Three pops up. A tiny, but much loved relative newcomer. People love the pho and the rolls. 115 Enmore.

·         Pho 236 may be the most authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Newtown. Which means it is affordable too. 236 King.

Eat something you can’t pronounce

·         Maybe you would like to try a handmade pirozhka or a kulich? You will find them at IZBA Russian Treats. This little shop has a loyal following. After starting out at Newtown Markets, the owners are just about to open a second outlet in Broadway. 579 King.

Sit down, relax, spoil yourself

·         Free WiFi, friendly service and lots of space, Café 2042 is worth a visit, particularly if you are taking a pram. 403 King.

·         Urban Bites is always busy, with a large outdoor area and a great vibe. One of the closer cafes to the university. 70 King.

·         Cuckoo Callay is just gorgeous. Great fit-out, lovely staff, quick service and yummy food. (pictured above) Newtown Railway Station.

·         Need pizza? Check out Mad Pizza e Bar on north King. Vegan options and a cocktail bar! Lunchtime is a great time for cocktails, right? (pictured below) 135 King.


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