LinkedIn for our Professional Services

The NPBA has developed a strategy that will promote and engage the professional services in our precinct, but we need your help to activate it.

Now that our website development work is nearly complete, we would like to take advantage of our improved functionality to promote and connect the professional services in our precinct.

As most of you may be aware, LinkedIn is a key social platform for professionals in all industries.  Some industries are very active in this space and some are not.

The NPBA has developed a strategy that will showcase the expertise of our members, promote you as thought leaders in your space and connect you with potential new business.

Our LinkedIn strategy will commence in a few months and to kick things off, we would like to hold a forum to explain the strategy and get you to commit to helping us.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t engage with LinkedIn at the moment, or understand it.  We can help you with that.  What we want is to explain our strategy and work with you to develop content that will promote our precinct and your business.

This forum date is yet to be confirmed, but if you are interested in taking part, contact our team today. to book your seat and receive a copy of our plans.

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