Keeping Newtown Weird and Safe

Despite double the amount of people coming to Newtown post lockout laws, non-domestic assaults in the area have decreased when compared to the huge influx of visitors

An amazing statistic that is a real testament to the Newtown Vibe.  Newtown is Weird and Safe and we want to keep it that way.

Ivan Crozier, from Reclaim the Streets who organised last Saturdays rally stated that while statistics may not say violence has increased anywhere accept for The Star Casino, many people he knew no longer felt safe in Newtown, which was once a safe haven for the LGBTI community. The intention of this rally was to help maintain this vibe and re-build confidence for all visitors to Newtown.  Judging by the turnout and the photos, we believe it was a great success.

It has been the accepting, diverse and unique culture of Newtown that has been the main contributor for Newtowns reputation as a safe place for everyone.  Let’s hope the message gets through!

The Local Liquor Accord has been working very closely with Newtown police to manage the huge increase in night-time visitor numbers.  Local police are very happy with the results and the cooperation of our local businesses.

Ten of our local licensed premises volunteered to introduce their own ‘mini-lockout conditions’ last year.   Despite highly publicised articles on how ‘The Cross is coming to Newtown’ and the media highlighting individual incidents, this is simply not the case.

Boscar (Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research) numbers indicate that non-domestic assaults rose from 14 in the period March 2013 to February 2014, pre-lockout, to 15 in the period March 2014-December 2015, the 16 months post lockout.  Reports of crime waves and huge increases in violence are just not true.


An increase of one single report of non-domestic assault has been recorded since the lockout laws hit Kings Cross and the CBD.  This is despite the reporting period being 4 months longer than it’s comparison and double the number of people visiting Newtown in this period.

This is the best possible testament of why people love the Newtown Vibe and the importance of keeping Newtown Weird and Safe.  The rally last Saturday was to show people that when you come to Newtown you should respect the people who are here and become a part of our unique, diverse vibe.

Thanks to Barry O’Mahony Photography for the amazing images from last Saturday’s rally.



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