CoWork Newtown – 404 King St, Newtown

How CoWork Newtown is helping businesses grow, one kitchen table at a time

There are over 4000 businesses in the Newtown precinct, and Simon Shaw from CoWork Newtown plans to help every one of them. “We opened in January this year and we’re already hosting around 40 businesses in our co-working space,” Simon said. “It’s a unique not-for-profit model, so the profits aren’t going to an owner, they’re getting reinvested back into the local business community.”

CoWork Newtown offers hot desk and mentoring packages, with the aim of helping local businesses grow and become more sustainable. “Where we see a lot of businesses fail is after the start-up phase,” he said. “They’re experts in what they do, but they don’t often have the business skills to keep it going over the long term. That’s where we can help.”

In addition to the co-working space, there are regular business workshops and mentoring packages. “Our members have access to two hours of mentoring every month, with experts who specialise in different areas like marketing, finance and sales. We also host a number of creative businesses in our space for free, to help commercialise their ideas.”

Simon believes that connecting with other business owners is vital for people who want to grow their business. “There’s so much research about the benefits of working in an office,” he said. “It can help reduce distractions and improve relationships with customers. It’s all about getting people off their kitchen table and into an office, so they can grow a more sustainable business.”

“I think the reason we’ve been so successful is that we keep our services affordable, which is appealing to creative businesses in Newtown,” he said. “There’s something for everyone here, whether you want to join a free workshop or pay for a premium office space. Essentially, we’re shaping the product around the people, rather than the bottom line.”

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