Co-Share Accelerator Space for the NPBA

Helping businesses get off their kitchen tables and grow

There are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses in our precinct who have a home office, work off the dining room table or spend half of every day in the closest cafe.

The NPBA’s mission is to help the precinct Do Better Business.  We are currently building the necessary funding, locations and business models to provide these small businesses and sole traders with the tools they need to grow their business and contribute to the economic development of our community.

Our intention is not just to provide an office environment to work in, but to include the essential services these small businesses need to grow their capacity.  These services will include

  1. A Bookkeeper
  2. A Graphic Designer
  3. A Social Media Manager
  4. A Website Developer
  5. Business Consultants to advice on managing a business
  6. Connection to government grant processes and private sector investors

These services would be provided as part of the licensing agreement, not an additional cost to working in this space. While price points have not been set, the NPBA is committed to ensure our local small businesses can afford it.

‘We imagine that we would host some of these businesses for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.’ Mark Ely, NPBA President. ‘By that time we would hope we have helped them grow to the point of employing more people, having their own or larger premises and have built an ongoing business they can rely on.’

If you are interested in working in this space when it opens next year, please contact our office to be notified of when space will be available.


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