Newtown Precinct - lifestyle central!

Newtown titillates tantalises your senses.

A walk down King Street on any given day or evening will have you facing life with all of its beauty, diversity and complexities. The community of Newtown embraces the emotion and grit of real life. Independent book stores, garden centres and designer homewares stand alongside tattoo parlours, places of worship and stores full of adult-only toys.

Whether you like Black Sabbath, Jane Austen or meditation (or even all three) Newtown’s lifestyle retail shopping will satisfy your soul. Literary types should not go past Better Read than Dead, a landmark of the King Street odyssey. It is not just your book shelves that are looked after in Newtown. Blue Dog Posters stock the largest range of posters and prints in Australia. Octopus Design describes itself as being, brash, bold and sometimes really very naughty and with this attitude is completely at home in the eclectic melting pot of Newtown.

Newtown moves to its music – not only street performers but live music venues and music shops. Repressed Records sell not only imports, 2nd hand vinyl and local releases but also band t-shirts and DVD’s.

To experience the Precinct at street level, go by bike. King Street Cyclery will have your bike sorted so you can enjoy the bike-tracks. a

If you are looking for original 1950’s minimalist furniture for your home, there are plenty of options. You might even take a journey along the Silk Route without leaving the inner-west. Afghan Interiors on South King Street is overflowing with crafts, carpets and glassware from Afghanistan and Central Asia. Shopping for your home or interests in Newtown is a polar opposite experience of your average mainstream supercentre – and we like it that way.