Creativity on every corner!

The streets of Newtown are a brilliant cavalcade of colour and noise, but nowhere else do you feel the spirit like you do at street level.

The Newtown Precinct is urban, edgy and evolving. A curious, connected community that is unafraid to be itself. When you hit King Street you immediately feel this spirited energy. Our streets are where people come together to eat, drink, shop, discuss, think and love. The mood is cool and easy: no pressure; no violence; heaps of attitude.

This is a place where every tribe can have a place and rampant eclecticism abounds. Alternative or straight or somewhere in between, it doesn’t really matter in Newtown.

A central point of King Street is the renowned ‘I Had A Dream’, mural. It is a place where people stop, meet and think. The streets of Newtown are bursting with art and street art has a revered place in the Precinct. It embodies the inclusive spirit of the Precinct, bringing the art to everyone – this is street art at its best, accessible and smart.

The streets of Newtown are where the life happens. Street performers provide a soundtrack to the rhythms of the street. Choirs, jazz, folk and pop mingle with the noise of the street. Poets, activists and story tellers all have a place, weaving their tales into the spirit of Newtown.

Hit the streets and be part of the vibrant culture that flows in Newtown.