Retail Neighbourhoods

One precinct, four neighbourhoods

The large footprint of the Newtown Precinct can be characterised by four distinctive retail and commercial neighbourhoods along the arterial spines.

North King Street from City Road to the Newtown Station is the ‘commercial’ heart of the Precinct providing an array of banks, real estate agents, professional services and specialty stores. It has a particular focus on entertainment uses, including the Dendy Cinema which attracts many visitors to the precinct. Located close to the University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred hospital, the neighbourhood caters for a significant numbers of staff, students and visitors, day and night.


South King Street from Newtown Station to Sydney Park is considered the ‘Paris’ end of the Newtown Precinct with its ‘retro’, ‘alternative’ vibe. It provides an incubator for many young emerging artists and designers and contains a distinct mix of retailers, pubs and restaurants. It features book and record, clothing and homeware, vintage and retro stores;  and features goods and dining experiences from around the globe. This neighbourhood includes the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and Enmore TAFE Design Centre.


Enmore Road extends from Newtown Station along Enmore Road to Edgeware Road. It has a broad mix of uses including Enmore Theatre, clothing stores, cafes, bars and restaurants; attracting a young and vibrant crowd. A broad range of businesses from a multitude of cultures (Greek, Italian, Lebanese, African, Turkish and Vietnamese) and cultural groups (Gothic, Punk) have come to define the mixed and eclectic character of this neighbourhood.


Erskineville village focuses around the businesses located on Erksineville Road and Swanson Street extending to Mitchell Road. This compact neighbourhood includes a range of pubs and local services such as a post office, specialty food stores, cafes and restaurants that serve the daily needs of locals. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy ‘living like a local’. Centred around Erskineville Station this neighbourhood has a distinct local village and comfortable atmosphere facilitated by its broad footpaths, tree planting and street dining.