Parks & Playgrounds

Step into the future or step back in time

From the quietly contemplative, lost world of St Stephens cemetery to the state-of-the-art children’s playgrounds at Sydney Park and Victoria Park, Newtown Precinct has a place to meet every mood.

Amongst the noise, economy and traffic is an abundance of parks, playgrounds and green spaces for the visitors and locals alike to enjoy. This densely urban area is a green oasis.

Within the residential pockets of Newtown are playgrounds for the community to enjoy. They are a communal space, where children play and people come together to chat. Then there are larger parks. Just a block back from King Street is the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park catering for everyone in Newtown. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a takeaway from King Street or simply lie back with a good book. There is an enclosed playground making this a popular destination for families plus a great off-leash dog area. All of this set against the backdrop of the historic Camperdown cemetery.

The largest park in the Newtown Precinct is at the end of south King Street, sporting chimneys from its former days as brick works. Sydney Park is 44 acres of park attracting visitors from near and far. There is an all senses accessible playground, a bike track for children complete with roundabouts and traffic lights, plus acres of parkland brimming with lakes and birdlife. Walking and cycling tracks to the top of the hills within the park offer enviable views. This is a park where people come to play, come to celebrate and come to relax.

The parks and playgrounds in Newtown Precinct are clean, safe and a great place for little kids and ‘big kids’ to enjoy.