A connected community with expectations!

And they are met! Our community services range across operations at grassroots level to others that are part of larger groups which service broader communities across the City of Sydney and Marrickville local government areas.

The Newtown Neighbourhood Centre is an integral part of life in Newtown. The Centre in essence works at keeping the spirit of Newtown alive and true. They strive to make the community more inclusive, vibrant, resilient, and self-reliant. An important feature of the Newtown community, the Centre reaches out to those who need help. They are also behind the fabulous Newtown Festival which helps raise funds for the Centre. The festival is a highlight on the Newtown Precinct calendar – put on by the people of Newtown for the people of Newtown.

Tom Foster Community Care is a local service for the elderly, people with a disability and for carers who live in their own home. The centre provides food services, social and activity programmes and social support services.

And if you need a library you don’t need to go far in Newtown. Located in Brown Street just off King Street they have a great selection of books, CDs, DVDs and magazines. They also have story time for children. There is also the Women’s Library in Newtown. There are many support groups operating in Newtown including those for addiction, sexuality and relationship issues. And for those looking for a venue there are community halls available within the precinct, including in Camperdown and Erskineville as well as Newtown.