We've got the artists, the art and the galleries

Newtown Precinct has the highest concentration of people working in the arts and creative industries anywhere in Australia.

With such a high concentration of creative frisson, it stands to reason that we host a range of galleries and exhibition spaces that tap into our world. The galleries that fill the pocket precincts of Newtown and its surrounds are accessible, showcasing  local artists, and also those of national and international standing.

All mediums of creativity are expressed and respected in Newtown. Ceramics, painting, jewellery making and sculpture fuel local discourse and feed the creative energy of the spirited and demanding ‘Inner West End’ of Sydney

Kerry Lowe Gallery is up the north-end of King Street. The gallery’s focus is on ceramics and the different techniques the artists employ. The gallery fosters discussion and sharing within the ceramics community. They also feature contemporary painters, jewellers and sculptors.

Artsite Gallery in Camperdown exhibits local and international contempory artists, many who feature in public, private and corporate collections. A-M Gallery is an independent contempory art space with its focus on exhibiting artists who work in traditional and new media.

Enmore Road is lucky to be home to one of the foremost sculpture galleries in Sydney. Defiance Gallery showcases paintings and sculpture from both prominent Australian and international artists but also strongly supports emerging artists. The gallery has access to over 200 sculptures including an exciting selection of Indian artefacts from the early seventies.

Newtown Precinct takes its art seriously. The discourse it encourages and the social gatherings that come about through art are an important aspect of our creative spirit.