You will never go thirsty in Newtown

We are home to 26 pubs. Favourite neighbourhood locals tucked away on side streets, gay pubs, straight pubs, pubs for the oldies and pubs for the students.

Newtown has a pub for every tribe. But all of the pubs operate with the Newtown spirit, making them welcoming, relaxed and endlessly entertaining.

The Courthouse Hotel tucked away on Australia Street is one local that even the non-locals love. With its old school vibe and enticing beer garden, The Courthouse is a great place to sit back on a sunny afternoon and while away the hours. The Carlisle Castle is another local with a more global reputation. This 19th century corner pub manages to effortlessly bring together lovers of VB with lovers of boutique beers and there is even a spot at the bar for those more inclined towards chardonnay.

Back on the main hub of King Street there are pubs for every day and night of the week. The Coopers Hotel is a great place to sit at the public bar and watch the world go by, or for those who after a bit more sophistication Newtown style head upstairs and find a secret garden in the middle of King Street. And what would south King Street be without The Sandringham or The Sando as the locals call it. Renowned as a live music venue, many young bands got their start at The Sando. A bit more schmick than The Sando, The Bank has reinvented itself with a makeover and now has four bars – all of them different and all of them at home in Newtown. Then there is the Marly, the Townie, the Duke and The Vic.

Newtown pubs are a great place to hear a yarn, try a local brew, and be part of the energy that is Newtown.