Coffeeeeeee! Say no more...

On any given morning the cafes in all the retail neighbourhoods are packed with  the tribes of Newtown getting their coffee fix.

The cafes in Newtown are part of the creative lifestyle tapestry which makes Newtown the vibrant place it is. Many of the cafes exhibit local artists, have artisan bakers and take an artistic pride in their coffee. Professionals, goths, students and visitors sit side by side enjoying the unique cafe culture of Newtown.

Hop down to Belljar cafe on Alice Street to channel your inner nanna chic and grab a tea cosie. But this cafe is chic serving up great coffee and food all with a relaxed vibe. Lou Jack’s on South King Street is a stalwart of the Newtown cafe scene. Consistently delivering great food and coffee this is a local favourite. Silverbean on Enmore Road has a feel of the dude about it fused with inspiration from the south-west of America. If you are after corn bread and spicy jambalaya this is the place for you. Claire’s Crepes on south King Street are making crepes cool again. Sweet or savoury is on offer and you will not leave hungry. Black Star Pastry tucked away on Australia Street seems to epitomise everything that people love about Newtown. The mood, the food and the coffee are all so good. It is the perfect place to sit on a stool and watch the world pass by. And the creations which come out of this kitchen are truly unbelievable.

Cafes are an important part of a community’s social fabric acting as a place for social integration where people can come together to talk, read and entertain and pass the time. The cafes in Newtown embody the spirit of coffeehouses in the traditional sense. The cafes in Newtown are where the community comes together and hatch great plans, write the latest novel or perhaps just take time out from their day.

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