The precinct is always on trend and ahead of it!

It makes sense that small bars with their welcoming vibe, relaxed nature and creative undertones are booming in Newtown.

There are bars in Newtown with couches that just make you want to sink into them and sip on a martini, there are bars in Newtown that have an old European feel about them and there are bars in Newtown which are taking retro chic to a new level.

Bar-Racuda on Enmore Road is a true small bar with an Italian feel about it. You are served your drinks in glasses from Nonna’s house and if you still don’t feel welcome there is complimentary antipasto served between 6pm–8pm. This bar has no pretension just relaxed ambience and a feeling about it that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Bench Wine Bar is leading the small bar scene on south King Street. The industrial chic interiors coupled with soothing jazz and classic cocktails makes Bench Wine Bar the perfect place to take a break from the energy of Newtown and revive your senses.

Black Sheep on King Street is lush. With leather armchairs, dark wood and velvet tapestry wallpaper and a fire you would not be out of place in a smoking jacket. And to top it all off their cocktails are great.

Newtown’s small bar scene is as diverse as Newtown. But like the spirit of Newtown there is a common thread running through all the bars. They are redefining the small bar culture and effortlessly merge a little bit of understated sophistication with that urban edge that people love about the inner-west.

349 King St
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