Eating and Drinking

What can we's the stuff of legend

We are home to up and coming chefs who are opening restaurants and bars across the Precinct: Erskineville, north King Street, Enmore Road, and south King Street.

We’re attracting the foodie creatives – the Precinct is the place for imaginative cuisine.

Once upon a time Newtown Precinct was known as Thai City. While we still have the best Thai in Sydney, now it’s also about small bars, great food experiences and all that goes with it; breweries, gelato, the nation’s best pastries and everything in between.

On any night the streets of Newtown are bursting with a vibrant street culture. Food and drink establishments are an extension of this culture which not only adds to it but helps nurture it. On King Street at around eight you will see hipsters perched on stools enjoying a burrito, uni students getting stuck into the freshest Japanese, foodies hunting down the next big thing on south King Street and professionals enjoying cocktails at a bar. And then there are the favourite local drinking holes where you still have a chance of winning the meat tray.

Eating and drinking in Newtown is diverse and a big part of the Newtown story. The eating scene ranges from a quick meal that won’t break your budget to the more high end which is still largely accessible and affordable. But whether you are after a curry or degustation you won’t be disappointed. The pubs still have Reschs on tap but also a range of boutique beers, many which are brewed locally. The small bars are moody, fun and comfortable. No aggro, just people wanting to have a good time.

Eating and drinking in Newtown is all about the experience and the buzz. With well over one hundred restaurants the hardest decision will be choosing what to eat and where to finish your night.