Does great coffee make for great design?

It’s the creative ethos of the place and the way it gets under the skin that brings this kind of creativity to the precinct; they come for the vibe, the music, the food, the entertainment and to hang out.

They come because Newtown Precinct attracts like-minded practitioners, potential collaborators, and clients – they love to know great coffee is just a moment away.

In the precinct, design is nourished amongst a cultural juxtaposition of street art and urban modernity unrivalled by any other area, with every discipline represented from architects and planners to fashion and furniture design, and everything in between.

Whether you manufacture furniture, provide financial services, build children’s toys or sell wine there is a design professional hidden away in Newtown Precinct who can help you improve your business by bridging technical and marketing requirements and putting sizzle into your products, desire into your promotions or confidence into your new interior.

Extraordinary facilities like the celebrated Flourmill Studios in Gladstone Street, Square Peg Studios in Alice Street and the Australia Street Studio help fan the creative heart of the most thriving of city fringe precincts in Sydney today.

Designer An Morrison, based in the Mill, creates exquisitely contemporary jewellery, whilst at the Square Peg, designer and visual artist Brenda Factor moves from large-scale inflatables to small-scale wearable pieces in a broad practice that defies categorisation.

Graphic Designers such as CampbellBarnett on south King Street specialise in spatial branding, exhibition design, interpretive wayfinding and information design, and attract clients from all over Australia.