Creative Industries

Creative People Invigorate Neighbourhoods

They make them more dynamic and stimulating innovation. With literally hundreds of creatives of all disciplines living and working here, is the creative vibe a surprise?

For 150 years, Newtown Precinct has been  essentially the same – bohemian, artistic and creative; all that’s been added is a massive shot of high technology as it has kept pace, but kept its essential character. A tide of new, creative people and companies have embraced Newtown Precinct as the home for their own innovative enterprise; publishers, writers, producers, architects, photographers and visual artists; in television, radio, advertising, film, performing arts, music, games and interactive content.

As Richard Florida says, this is ‘the creative class: a fast-growing, highly educated, and well-paid segment of the workforce on whose efforts corporate profits and economic growth increasingly depend’.

Newtown Precinct is a unique home for the creative industries; from technology to entertainment, social enterprise to architecture, high-end animation to the arts, sharing a common ethos that values creativity, individuality, difference, and merit.

Tucked awy in the Flourmill Studios is Scope Productions, a Newtown-based team of creative professionals who specialize in video production, events management, design and multimedia services.

In the backstreets you’ll find Lorrie Graham, one of Australia’s finest photographers. Iris Pictures, an award-winning production company with an international reputation for broadcast documentaries and videos for not-for-profit clients gets its work done in the Flourmill, as does ‘Do Something’, a new type of not-for-profit organisation that brings together the resources of the business community and the goodwill of the Australian public.

Down south King Street, specialist architectural glass designers, Glassplay, harness the tension found between the visionary advances of contemporary architecture and the emotionally powerful possibilities that exist where art meets technology, providing visual encoded and conceptually integrated solutions that enhance both the legibility and livability of architectural space.