Doing Business

Newtown Precinct is a unique marketplace

Newtown Precinct is historic, vibrant, affordable, unique! Rich in heritage, with working class roots, a creative street culture and lively pub life; Vibrant strip shopping in a University town with a vigorous student population.

We have major hospitals and our oldest university, an integrated community, engaged locals 
and affordable culture, easy accessibility to a dynamic theatre scene and art galleries – workshops, studios, artists, musicians, restaurants, cafés. We are alternative and tolerant,
 with old stories that mix with 
the new in a spirit of inclusion.

Precinct… dynamic, creative, 
and going places! Between Erskineville Road, 
King Street North, Enmore 
Road and King Street South 
lies a dynamic matrix of 
human creativity, edgy 
urban evolution, residential diversity, financial confidence, intelligent interaction, artistic excellence and an intriguing, inner-city vibe that is unlike anything else Australia 
has to offer. Newtown is a precinct that is 
unafraid to be itself.

Business… why YOU are here! Businesses come to Newtown Precinct because it is a unique marketplace. A large, diverse, strip shopping district with high volume foot-falls heading for iconic destinations that provide extraordinary entertainment, every conceivable cuisine, drinking holes, 
arts and culture, contemporary and alternative fashion, natural therapies, quality retro, the quirky and the 
bizarre, the institutional coexisting 
with the ephemeral. All integrated in a vibrant day and 
night business environment.

The two associations that represent the two primary strands of Newtown Precinct enterprise – entertainment and traditional business – are already working hard 
for your business!

Check out the ways in which you can become involved.