A New ‘Opt Out’ Membership

New 'Opt Out' model of membership being scoped for the NPBA

To help our precinct Do Better Business, the NPBA is seeking to make all businesses with a registered address or street frontage in our precinct ‘members’.

There are over 5500 businesses in the precincts of Newtown, Enmore, Erskinville and Camperdown and our existing membership represents a small percentage of this total. To advocate on behalf of our local business community, we need to be engaged with a larger number of businesses.

While we have been doing this in non-direct way since initiating the association, this suggested membership structure will provide all businesses in the precinct with easier access to our services without the annual financial commitment.

‘If we want to be effective in the services we provide, we need to engage with a larger group of local businesses.  This ‘Opt Out’ model of membership will be the first step in allowing us to do that.’ Mark Ely, President NPBA.

The NPBA committee is currently scoping the required changes to make this happen and will update our membership once these details are in place.

If you would like to know more, please contact our office.


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